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Packet Radio Continued

So Went to the Prescott Ham Fest. Picked up some goodies. Picked up 3 Varrying Age AEA PK-232’s and a AEA PK-88. Haven’t had the opportunity to test more than power on and PC Communication. Hoping that they all work but if not then i am sure i can make at least one of the… read more »

Packet Radio

So More of a question Post For My Thoughts. I have some equipment all for packet but haven’t had the opportunity to experience lets say data transfer or communications which i think i may like. My Kenwood in the Truck TM-D710G has a full blown TNC in it however i have never used anything more… read more »

List of Projects

Ok so First post. I’m trying to get my stuff together and determine the order I should work on projects. So Here are a list of the things I want to do. – Setup BBHN Nodes on Antenna Mast. – Get Arcom Controller Upgraded to Newest Firmware/Processor – Get Bluetooth to Serial Converter Working Properly… read more »

Installing BBHN on Ubiquiti NanoStation M2

So On the BBHN Site they have a warning on not installing BBHN on a Ubiquiti Device with Air OS Firmware version 5.6.x Because there is a problem with the way that the boot-loader reformatted the Partitions and OpenWrt Has yet to be updated to account for the change. This was posted quite a wile… read more »