Packet Radio

So More of a question Post For My Thoughts. I have some equipment all for packet but haven’t had the opportunity to experience lets say data transfer or communications which i think i may like.

My Kenwood in the Truck TM-D710G has a full blown TNC in it however i have never used anything more than the APRS function. I own two of the Mobilinkd TNC’s that are Bluetooth and connect to radios. and i have a apparently functional MFJ-1270b TNC-2. oh and almost forgot i have a GLB RADIO DATA CONTROLLER that is supposed to do what is called MX.25 which from what i read is a rip of and compatible with AX.25.

I was tinkering with the MFJ last night and was able to access it from Putty so next i think i am going to get a radio setup for it and go from there.



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